R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T. Fun Facts: Jordan Simmons!

Welcome back to another installment of this Fun Facts series with R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T. featuring fun facts about its dance members! Now we’re onto our final member; Jordan Simmons. Here are some of his fun facts:

If you’re a fan of Arnold Schwartzenegger, then you know him for the Terminator franchise; as the first and second movies are Jordan’s favorite movies! His favorite dancers are the Le Twins; as they were the former backup dancers for Beyonce during many of her shows. Finally, one of his favorite Gospel words of wisdom is “God is good, all the time! And all the time, God is good!” When it comes to R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T.’s dance performances, Jordan knows how to deliver; be it during a solo, or all together with Isaiah and Emmanuel. If you ever get the chance to check out one of R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T.’s shows, Jordan is one of the best dancers in the group. Check out this freestyle dance session video of him from VA Beach.

R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T. Fun Facts: Emmanuel Glasscho!

Welcome back to another exciting installment of R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T. Fun Facts! Aside from dancing to make a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and their communities, our R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T. dance members have hobbies and activities that they enjoy outside of their dance performances. Tonight we’re giving you some fun facts about our second member; Emmanuel Glasscho! Here are some of his fun facts:

One of his favorite hobbies is gaming, as he says that he likes being in a virtual world. You may not know it but he also likes anime as well, and it appears that he’s a big Dragon Ball Z fan! If you’re a Back to the Future fan, then guess what? That movie is one of his favorite titles! Emmanuel’s favorite style of dance is Gospel Miming, so if you see him at one of the shows, just know that we also do gospel miming in our dance routines as well – and you will be completely blessed ten-fold by his awe-inspiring performance! To add to that his favorite type of music is both Gospel and Gospel Rap. One of the things that he loves and empowers him the most is giving people encouragement and advice when they need it, and in the times that we’re living in today, we need more of that in our lives.

Finally, his favorite scripture from the Bible is Philippians 4:13; “I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens Me!” Emmanuel puts his heart and soul into his performance whenever he’s with the group, and like we’ve mentioned before; if you haven’t seen him during our Gospel/Inspirational performances, just know that you will be in for something! He is a living testimony to what God can do, and we know that he has something big in store for him!

Blog Announcement: R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T. Fun Facts Coming Next Week!!

If you want to learn more about the members of R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T. then next week we’ll be doing a series of posts called R.I.C.O.C.H.E.T. Fun Facts! You get to learn some fun facts about the boys of the dance troop, and who knows – you might even discover that dancing may not be their only talent. Get ready for Fun Facts, next week! 🙂

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